4 Marketing Automation Ideas for your Marketing Lists

By now most marketers know marketing automation can automate and deliver communications to leads and customers. However email marketing is only part of how marketing automation can support your marketing operations. Marketing automation can plug into and enhance virtually all facets of your marketing department including process/task automation, triggered alerts, list maintenance, automated email resends, and even customer surveys.

Below are four marketing automation ideas to support your marketing operations and maximize the investment you’ve made in your marketing technology stack.

  1. Alert Sales or Business Development representatives when a marketing list member reaches a certain behaviour score

    • By creating segments based on behaviour score ranges, you can use these segments as source lists in an automated program to alert sales or business development representatives as soon as a score threshold has been reached.Suppose a lead with a behaviour score of 50 or higher indicates a status of Sales Qualified and should be sent over to your Sales Team. An alert within an automated program can easily (and automatically!) hand that lead off from your Marketing Team to your Sales Team as seen below:
  2. Utilize List Maintenance Programs to map Behaviour Scores or Subscription Preferences back to your Master Marketing Lists and CRM

    • By utilizing List Maintenance Programs you can map unique behaviour scores or email subscription preferences of your leads and customers back to your master marketing lists, and sync them back to your CRM. This will allow your business development team to benefit from this information as well:Once you have this information at the Master Marketing List level, it’s as simple as pushing that list field data back into your CRM.Marketing-Automation-Ideas-2-Utilize-List
  3. Use an Automated Program to send out one-off emails and reminders to non-openers

    • Creating very simple automated programs allows you to easily set up reminders to non-openers to help maximize the engagement with your communications when it comes to opens and clicks. A simple program like the one seen below, only takes a few minutes to set up and eliminates the need for you to send a reminder to non-openers manually:Marketing-Automation-Ideas-3-Use-Automated-program
  4. Use an Automated Program to deploy a survey and update Net Promoter Score (NPS) in your CRM

    • You can utilize automated program features to also deploy a survey and update a specific field in your CRM depending on if they completed the survey or not. In the example below we give the customer a week to complete the survey and if they do, their NPS is updated in our CRM:Marketing-Automation-Ideas-4-Use-Automated-program-to-deploy

There are many ways to use marketing automation outside of email marketing, and the above are just a few simple examples. Try to think about some of the manual marketing tasks you are completing on a daily or weekly basis and how you could automate them so that you can get more accomplished and focus on the more challenging tasks that require more of your time and focus.

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