Before executing your digital strategy. There are five key items you must have in place in order to begin contacting your prospective leads. We will cover the first two points today and you can view the rest in our webinar replay video for: 5 Ways To Use Digital Marketing

1. Know Your Marketing Funnel

According to research from Hubspot, buyers are typically 61% of the way through the funnel before they are ready to engage a sales representative. At this point after you have built great useful content for your customers, now you want to start brainstorming and tracking how your customers progress through a marketing funnel when interacting with your campaigns.

Here are a few tips when creating your Marketing Funnel:

  • Track and determine where they are in the cycle. Measure the amount of people who drop off at a certain point and baseline it against those who successfully passed through the funnel
  • Align the funnel to match the stages your customers go through when making a purchase
  • Track and manage each stage to ensure you have multiple touch points to keep your prospective leads interested.
  • Apply lead scores to specific actions that your prospective leads take throughout the marketing funnel. This will allow your sales representatives to rank which leads they should target first in terms of higher scores

2. Segment Your Lists

Once you understand how your customers progress through your marketing funnel next you want to start defining segments that you can organize your prospective leads under.

Typically you want to organize your segments by:

  • Vertical
  • Business Size
  • Buyer roles and/or unique attributes

In this example we segmented our prospective leads by different companies and job roles. The reason being is that even though we may be selling them the same product/service, the type of messaging and content will resonate differently with them. Therefore we want to create custom messages that will resonate with the type of solutions, pricing and/or values they are looking for.

If you would like to continue learning you can replay the webinar here: 5 Ways to Improve Your Digital Program