Social media platforms have quickly become the voice of many companies and those savvy SEOers have known that being active on your social channels is beneficial for your website but there has never been a direct link between social media and web prominence. That is now about to change.

We knew that being active was beneficial to your SEO, but it was very difficult to get Google to index your tweets. More than 92% of tweets were not indexed, but this is going to be changing in the near future, and it has implications on your online digital marketing strategy.

HubSpot had a recent blog article on this topic, Google has recently inked a deal to get access to Twitter’s live data feed. What this means is Google will be indexing tweets in real-time. As more and more tweets are now getting indexed, Twitter activity will now start being seen in Google’s SERP pages.

So what does this mean for you? That content marketing is going to become even more important while also getting tied into social marketing even tighter. With Google indexing tweets, those that produce great original content targeted to their audience are going to reap the benefits of these retweets, shares, and mentions. Which Google will now pick up on and those with the most activity have the best chance of getting into Google’s index.

Make sure your content is high quality to attract those retweets and shares is going to be even more important than ever, but with this great content we need to get it out there for people to see. Sharing it on Twitter is going to be even more important than ever before as we can effectively double dip on marketing efforts by posting great content, getting the social shares and signals, and then also getting it shown in SERPS.

So shore up the quality of what is being producing and make sure Google is indexing it and that it is being shared on Twitter, and hopefully Google is going to pick up those tweets and index them as well. If your business is looking for a new digital marketing strategy that will boost it to the top check out how Goose Digital can give your company the lift it needs.