How old is your website? When it comes to the web, everything changes quickly. Whether it’s current design trends, the most popular coding language, or the most recent social media plugin, it’s hard to keep up. Recently, we proved to a top-notch client, MBC Managed IT Services, that small changes can go a long way.


Perk-up #1: Add some whitespace

Have you ever been in a crowded place, and felt overwhelmed by the sensory experience? I’m sure you’ve even felt the same way on a crowded website. Not only does whitespace aid in guiding the eye to those all-important calls-to-actions, it also aids in keeping the user calm-minded and less distracted.


Perk-up #2: Have clearly-defined calls-to-action

With MBC, we chose to move away from potential distractions, and toward clearer calls-to-action. Flat design has received some flak when it comes to usability, but when done right, flat design can guide the eye, and keep the user interested without unnecessary distractions.


Perk-up #3: Change the fonts

Kerning. Leading. Typefaces. If you know what these words mean, then you know more about design than many others! Choosing the right font can make a huge difference in the overall feel of a site. For MBC, we used ‘Open Sans,’ which was, on top of print, optimized for web and mobile interfaces. It’s less heavy than Arial, more spacious, and by changing the leading – the space between the lines – we were able to create a more open feel across the entire site.


The most important question: Was the client happy?

In addition to the changes above, we moved content, created icons, edited images, and adjusted code. We rearranged some navigation, swapped out old logos, and inspected each page for improvements.

And MBC was ecstatic with the results.

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