Marketing Automation is one of those terms that keep appearing in thought leadership pieces, blogs and social posts. The reality is that many people don’t fully understand what a Marketing Automation Platform (MAP)  actually is – and therefore it’s difficult to understand how it can add value to your business.

This is such a missed opportunity for so many businesses – including insurance providers – so we’ve decided to try and change this. Over the course of the next 3 months, we will be breaking down MAP – not by its functionality but by the value a best of breed platform brings for insurance providers- specifically driving brand awareness, optimizing lead consideration, putting sales and service into action and focusing on your current customers to drive loyalty and advocacy.

How can a marketing automation platform do all that? Well, it’s not like flipping a switch. You need to start with a strategy – or rather a series of interconnected strategies for each of these four steps I have mentioned that all link up to your overall corporate strategy. Once that is done, marketing automation can enable the steps needed to bring that strategy to life. How?  By helping you find the right types of customers for your business, manage how they flow through the lead funnel, personalize how you engage with, sell and service them. And by increasing the value they get from their relationship with you – all the while improving efficiencies within your brokerage.

So what are the first steps? Think about any brand you engage with and where you go when you want to learn more about them – their website. The experience you have when you land on a company’s website and the content that is served up makes a critical first impression. And that is exactly where we will start.

Stay tuned for Part 1 of our series on Breaking down the value of Marketing Automation for Insurance providers and how your website, landing pages and content strategy are critical to driving brand awareness.