Goose goes to ICTC 2020

ICTC 2020 is next week.The Insurance industry and the conference have evolved over the years, reflecting a greater understanding of technology and the critical role it plays for Insurance providers.

Meet Us There

Next week marks Goose Digital’s fifth year attending ICTC, the insurance technology conference held every February in Toronto. Over the course of the years, the Insurance industry has evolved and this has been reflected in the the nature of the conversations at the show. Back in 2015, digital transformation which was the buzzword for many industries, was still not being widely discussed in the insurance space. There remained many questions about the role of technology and digital for insurers, with many thinking they could continue to run their businesses in the same way they always had. Things have really shifted in the last two years, with an acknowledgement that the Insurance industry has to change and central to this evolution is the adoption of technology. Insurers began asking more pointed questions about how exactly technology could help them grow and find efficiences while maintaining their core brand values. Data, automation and AI became part of the discussion and consideration when making technology choices. And, last year, many of our conversations centered on how Insurers should – and could- get started on their digital journey. Quite an evolution over just a few short years!

Talking to experts in the field, networking and learning at conferences like ICTC has been instrumental in bringing the conversation forward to this point. Next weeks’ show is sure to reflect that insurers understand that the right technology is now a must have for businesses who want to succeed. We are looking forward to sharing with fellow attendees how we can help identify what that means for their unique businesses enabling them to achieve their goals, and learning more about the keys to success in a dynamic world.
Drop by our booth, we would love to see you!