Jen Pugsley
Jennifer Pugsley
VP, Customer Success
Jen Pugsley

Insurance Experts

Transform how you sell to and service your customers to keep ahead of a rapidly changing industry with a team of digital marketing experts who truly understand insurance.

Maximizing Impact

Marketing powers your organization’s growth, influencing tomorrow’s sales and supporting customer-based revenue. Our offerings are designed to:

  • Plan and implement transformative digital initiatives
  • Address digital marketing capability gaps
  • Extend overall team bandwidth
  • Drive results faster
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Lead Generation

Grow your web presence while accelerating lead generation with quality quote & bind-ready prospects across a variety of digital channels.


Customer Marketing

Maximize customer lifetime value with personalized on-boarding and service,  product and coverage additions, and automated renewal campaigns.


Data & Insights

Connect data sources to understand marketing’s contribution to pipeline and revenue, campaign performance, and customer lifetime value.

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Implement 3 strategies to improve lead gen and conversion rates. This 30-minute presentation showcases how to:

  • Increase lead capture volumes
  • Best handle/convert Quote reminder
  • Build high performance win-back campaigns
  • Use personalization, timing and KPI’s to achieve growth targets

Valued Clients

From cutting edge Brokerages to enterprise Markets, we help drive marketing performance across the entire prospect-to-customer journey.

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Having a partner like Goose Digital is like having 3 or 4 extra resources on my marketing team. With them, our team is able to execute faster than ever helping us meet and exceed business expectations.

Kory Jazbec
Kory Jazbec
Head of Digital, Marketing Automation
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