Salesforce Pardot Services Overview

Give your marketing programs all the power needed to generate new leads, engage existing prospects, and support opportunities with the duo of Pardot and Goose Digital.




Pardot projects

“Leveraging Goose Digital’s Pardot expertise helped us get to market quicker while driving bigger marketing impact."
- Cody Ward, Conexiom

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Driving Performance with Pardot

Level up your marketing program with the power of Salesforce and Pardot driving leads and engaging audiences.

Salesforce Integration

Industry leading, out of box integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud to power marketing programs, segmentation, reporting, and more.

Measure, Report, and Optimize

Easily track your performance across marketing journeys and campaigns inside Pardot or through to CRM dashboards.

Engage Your Audience

Automate audience engagement across the entire buying journey to create more pipeline and close more deals.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Empower your Sales team with powerful add-on tools like Salesforce Engage to support active prospects and opportunities.

Already Have Pardot?

Whether it’s breathing new life into your Pardot environment or adding to the foundations you’ve already built, we’ll get your Pardot-powered marketing program humming.

Included Services
  • Salesforce Synchronization
  • Strategy Support
  • Emails and Landing Pages
  • Engagement Programs
  • Connected Campaigns
  • Forms and Form Handlers
  • Workflows and Stages
  • Salesforce Engage
Optional Services
  • Platform Audit and Revive
  • User Training
  • Documentation
  • Data Assessments
  • Third Party Integrations

Looking to Implement Pardot?

Whether you are new to marketing automation or replatforming to Pardot, our implementation programs can be launched in as little as six weeks.

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