In today’s landscape, online video marketing is cost-efficient. 

It’s not about throwing millions of dollars at production–it’s about finding the right ingredients. Specifically, you need to publish on the correct platform, appeal to a relevant audience, and post at the ideal time to get views, be engaging, and convert.

While the cost-efficiency and ability to produce and publish videos online is a huge opportunity, the need to differentiate from the masses is much more challenging. After all, now your competitors can afford to produce a wealth of video content, too. 

With that said, how can your company set itself apart?

Conveying A Unique Message

You can’t have one-size-fits-all messaging in any marketing, including videos. 

Instead, you need to share your brand value, know your audience, and leverage the information you know about them. Furthermore, you need to capture data from your videos to learn how the audience engages with the marketing to better target those videos.

The Value Of Video Iteration

Since videos are cost-efficient, they are scalable, giving businesses a tool to generate data-based insights. 

Here’s what we mean:

With minimal financial risk, you can make 5,10, or 15 videos, then integrate them into your digital marketing strategy. This strategy is known as iteration.

You won’t necessarily convert immediately, but the data will help you learn about your audience. Thus, you can make better-informed business decisions as you go. 

The Video Marketing Funnel

When starting with video marketing, your video marketing funnel must be a chief consideration, which entails these stages:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision making

Be mindful, though, that your value proposition is at the helm of all these factors. Determine what differentiates you from your competition, and let it be your guiding light.

Making An Impact With Your Audience

Combine having your value proposition down pat with knowing your target audience and where they consume content, and you have part of the recipe for successful video marketing. 

For instance, a boomer audience will likely spend their time on YouTube. In which case, you need to tell a story with a 30-second explainer video. Conversely, younger audiences spend their time on Instagram or TikTok and respond better to bite-sized 5-to-15-second videos.

Comedy in shorter videos grabs attention quickly and makes an immediate, standout impact. Of course, humour doesn’t fit all products, but brevity is of the essence, and the call-to-action must almost be instantaneous in those 5-to-15 second clips.

To the above point, your video needs to catch the audience’s attention in 2 seconds with either an evocative image, a sound, or a line of dialogue.

Thus, the iteration process is crucial. It allows companies to use what works by leveraging the generated data to learn what’s drawing eyes and ears. 

Producing Cost-Efficient Videos Doesn’t Mean Neglecting Quality.

Something along the lines of 85% of online traffic can be attributed to video content. Perhaps, that’s why 87% of video marketers cited a positive ROI stemming from videos.

Yet, success won’t stem from inundating your audience with hastily produced videos.

While all you need is your phone to shoot a video, that’s not what we mean when we say cost-efficiency. 

We do mean that it’s affordable to partner with agencies with expertise in this area. They can help you produce 12 to 15 cost-efficient, professional-quality videos at scale. That’s how your company stands out on your target audience’s feed and generates a substantial ROI.

Do you have any video marketing needs or want to better understand how cost effective video campaigns could help your business grow? Contact us today to learn more.