According to recent reports, 83% of professional marketers consider video marketing one of the most important tools to promote and advertise products and services. For videos to be truly effective, though, companies must always stay on top of the latest video marketing trends and best practices.

Discover the Potential of Shoppable Videos

Online shopping is experiencing an unprecedented surge, and the good news is that video content can help you to tap into that potential easily. How? By creating “shoppable videos”.

These are exactly what they sound like: short, snappy video clips which contain a direct link to the product or service that they are promoting. You can think of shoppable videos as the ultimate form of interactive ads, and you may want to use them heavily on your social media platforms.

Offering online, on-the-go shoppers a quick, easy, and fun way to buy their favourite product by simply watching a video will immediately reposition you as a future-ready, customer-centric brand.

Give Your Customers a Taste for Your Products

In a world where face-to-face interactions are still limited and regulated due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, filming an explainer video can help you to attract interested customers, and showcase how great your products are.

A whopping 94% of marketers, in fact, found videos – and, in particular, animated ones – to be the best way to enhance the user’s understanding and appreciation of a product or service. 

So, if you want your audience to get more familiar with what you are selling, and to convince them to make a purchase, an animated explainer video is the way to go.

Consider Incorporating Fun, Informal Vlogging

Up until recently, vlogging was mostly associated with YouTube celebrities and social media influencers. However, today even a large corporation can (and should) add this effective video tool to their marketing strategy.

Vlogging, in fact, enables brands to level up with their customers by presenting their more accessible, authentic, and relatable side.

By consistent vlogging, your company can create meaningful connections with customers in a more fun, relaxed way, thus boosting loyalty and engagement. 

Engage Your Audience With Live Videos

Another video marketing trend that you should definitely consider implementing is streaming live videos. The establishment of real-time communication between brands and consumers, enhanced by audio-visual content, is one of the most powerful marketing strategies at the moment.

Through live videos, you can connect with a virtually limitless number of people simultaneously, engage with them through Q&A sessions, encourage feedback, and involve them with upcoming projects or product launches. 

Live videos are the ultimate way to tell your customers “You matter, and we want to get to know you and talk to you – right now.” 

Optimize Your Video Content Marketing by Embracing the Latest Trends

Crafting original, professional, and persuasive video content is one of the most effective marketing strategies that your business can pursue.

In this article, we provided you with an overview of some of the best and most successful video marketing trends this year – be sure to follow them, and you will be well on your way to taking your video marketing to the next level.

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