What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation, by its simplest definition, is a broad array of software created to streamline time-consuming aspects of digital marketing and sales pipeline generation. Marketing automation will help the insurance industry simplify the lead qualification process, nurture warm leads, manage customers, and provide crucial data analytics that can drive success in the modern era of fast-paced digital marketing. 

Marketing automation will automate several business as usual, best practice touch points that customers and brokers have come to expect. For example; thousands of relevant texts or e-mails can be sent to target audiences and at a time that is most ideal for them to receive information. Essentially, the best marketing software will identify an audience, create targeted content, and automatically deliver that content on a schedule designed to optimize engagement. 

With all of these insurance marketing processes automated, it not only frees up time for other projects but also provides crucial data and analytics generated by the automatons that can be used to tweak marketing strategies for the best return on investment for growing businesses. 

How can marketing automation benefit the insurance industry?

Automated marketing software simplifies the lead generation process by streamlining outreach to prospective insurance customers. Digital marketing is highly competitive, timing and content plays a major factor in the success of your text, e-mail, and social media campaigns. 

Automating these lead generation processes means that target customers can automatically receive an email on a regularly scheduled basis, they can receive a text message about current or upcoming deals or post content to social media that is not only relevant but targeted to optimize engagement. 

These personalized messages to customers, deployed at the right time, create a more intimate relationship by communicating outside of the usual policy renewal dates or policy updates and do all of this without bringing in new staff or creating new workloads.  

Successful insurance marketing must fire on all cylinders, and automated marketing software facilitates this efficiency by tracking marketing campaigns throughout lead generation and easily combining them into a customer management database. This allows insurance agents to track when, and how customers have been contacted, and which forms of contact are most effective. 

These insights give the insurance industry the data they need to focus on insurance marketing strategies that are successful and avoid time-wasting and costly mistakes.  

These marketing platforms take an omni-channel approach to how they facilitate automation – meaning the software allows for a unified message between all teams seamlessly by merging marketing strategy, sales performance, and customer relations and service into one easy-to-manage hub. 

When all of the departments involved in a business are creating a unified message, it supports strong brand recognition, consistency and a positive reputation in the target customer base.

What is the best marketing automation software for the insurance industry?

The best marketing automation software to be used in the insurance industry are best-of- breed platforms; such as Hubspot, Act-On and Salesforce to name a few. Whether the audience is B2B, B2C or both in many cases, providers that have the most success are choosing globally recognized technology to power their unique strategies. Smaller, insure-tech based providers lack agility, customization and best practices that these principal technologies offer – the result is often costly stalls or bottlenecks, due to lack of development cycles and R&D budgets. 

Goose Digital provides the best marketing automation solutions to the insurance industry because it combines specific insurance industry know-how with leading technology. 

With over 30 B2B/B2C use cases available for email, text, paid search and social media, insurance marketing teams can get started quickly. The guesswork is removed, yet they have the luxury of customizations where they see fit.

Goose Digital is a full-service insurance marketing automation agency, with an insurance practice for over 6 years. Contact us today to get started on your marketing automation journey.