Goose Digital is proud to participate in the SportingLife 10K for Campfire Circle for the 6th consecutive year.

Over the past six years, the team has enthusiastically participated in the 10K to raise awareness and donations for Campfire Circle. Starting in 2018, the Goose Digital team has promoted and fundraised close to $18,000 to facilitate the healing power of camp to kids and families impacted by childhood cancer or serious illness.

When a child is diagnosed with cancer or serious illness, it impacts the whole family. Kids miss out on simple childhood joys, household incomes are often cut in half as caregivers take on the full-time responsibility of caring for a sick child, and families struggle to make time for special experiences.

When you donate to Campfire Circle you are supporting in-hospital, community and overnight camp programs that create opportunities for children to build friendships and social skills, develop self-confidence and resiliency, and improve their overall well-being. Through play-based experiences, you are helping empower kids to take back their childhood, regardless of their medical diagnosis.

Help us reach our fundraising goal, you can donate or register for the 10K using our link.

Check out the podcast with the team at Campfire Circle below

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