When it’s time to hit the ground running with your marketing efforts, there’s a “go-go-go” energy behind what you’re doing. 

There’s nothing wrong with that eagerness, however, like the rest of life, marketing functions based on a series of checks and balances. What goes blindingly fast must be slowed down in some shape or form. Otherwise, the chaos takes over, throwing everything into disarray.

Approaching a marketing campaign or initiative at a million miles per hour is chaotic, no matter how you slice it. That’s not a bad thing–it’s just a fact. So how do you harness that chaos to your advantage and take the necessary steps to gain control?

Be Dynamic in Your Processes 

Given all the stops and starts during the past couple of years, companies have been looking to make up for their lost time as they’ve grown more familiar with the current unpredictable landscape.

Furthermore, businesses needed to pivot the strategies and initiatives they’d spent years honing. 

For instance, trade shows and networking events were a no-go, leading to shifting B2B marketing demands. This shift left marketing teams under the gun, expected to make an impact at the drop of a hat in uncharted waters. That’s a lot to ask. 

It’s not like your company wants to put pressure on your marketing team. But your goals haven’t gone anywhere. 

Additionally,  you’ve got to act fast, and that requirement yields inescapable chaos and pressure. 

So, How Quickly Can Your Marketing Efforts Really Move?

The current landscape calls for precision. 

There’s a need for speed, but going too fast does nobody any favours. Undoubtedly, striking that balance requires taking account of your available resources. Yet, all the resources in the world make no difference if you lack a concrete foundation within your marketing team to deliver results quickly. 

Leaders must ask themselves if they have the pieces and components to be aggressive and respond quickly to pivoted or restarted initiatives and strategies. 

Businesses have to transform so many aspects of their marketing whether it be messaging, the actual application, or even dealing with industry-wide disruptions. 

With those changes comes a specific problem. 

Consider how long it took your company to develop initial marketing systems, objectives, and initiatives in the past few years. Then think about the challenges of pivoting to something fresh. There’s no avoiding the oncoming knowledge gaps.

Sure. You’ll have your brainstormed concepts that are all very exciting. 

Still, the journey from idea to execution can be vast and complicated. You can only complete that journey successfully by slowing things down and controlling the chaos. 

Starting Small Controls The Chaos

The mistake many companies make is they equate moving fast with going big. That’s just too overwhelming and can send marketing teams off-course.

Instead, as an agency, we often suggest that clients try something new on a smaller scale, developing the process and learning as you go without piling on the stakes.

This way, you’re not biting off more than you can chew. Your team can still act fast in understanding this new approach, but they’d be dealing with the chaos of what’s new in a far more controlled environment. 

We suggest breaking these new marketing initiatives into 4 to 6-week chunks. At the end of each cycle, you can make the tweaks and steadily grow at the speed you desire.

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