It seems 2015 is a coming-of-age year in the insurance industry. This industry has always been known for its one-on-one service, and often – like with small brokerages – for being personable, and knowing clients by name. But with younger, more technology-inclined clients needing insurance, how do we narrow the gap between the personal approach and the internet?

The Problem

Almost everyone has a computer, tablet, or smart phone. Not all of those device-owners are willing to pick up the phone to request information, when they can quickly scour the internet to find what they need. If you need to pay your bills, are you more likely to bank online, or pay your bills by paper or telephone? The same factors that have pushed the banking industry to make a strong online presence are now at the heels of insurance brokerages.

Factors that Drive Online Success

Don’t make your clients wait

People want information, and they want it now. If you have the ability to utilize an online quoting system for your brokerage, you’re giving clients information up-front. Worried that your quote may be higher than a competing broker? Try a call-to-action like, “Need a lower rate? We provide in-depth options over the phone. Call now!”

Let clients avoid calling

Not everyone wants to pick up a phone, and not everyone knows what information they need to gather before calling. Requesting information online can be a great way to gather data, and a convenient way for your client to submit their query.

Improve usability and findability

If a potential client is on your site, chances are they’re looking for one of three things:

  1. Contact Information

    It is standard practice to put a “Contact Us” link on the top-right of your site’s main navigation, and somewhere in the footer (bottom of site). If this information isn’t readily available, your client may become frustrated before they’ve even picked up the phone.

  2. Quote

    Make sure your potential clients can quickly obtain a quote either from a quoting engine or submission form (see above).

  3. Products and Services

    If a client has a special need, such as Forestry or Trucking insurance, they will be skimming your website for just that information. Make it easy to find by stating your coverages up-front.

Sign up with social sites!

Sign up with social sites such as Google My Business. This site puts your business info on search, maps, and Google+ so that you’re easy to find no matter which device your client is using. Don’t forget to stay active, at least moderately, on Facebook and Twitter. Being active can put you higher in search results, while adding a personal touch to your online presence. Furthermore, clients may post questions on social media: addressing both positive and negative remarks openly and publicly can increase trust from your clients.

Don’t be Invisible

Put effort into content updates and regular SEO (Search Engine Optimization) analysis. This is an ongoing process that takes work, and can require a team of skilled individuals who really know how to drive results.


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