In a landscape brimming with one-size-fits-all marketing messages, businesses can only distinguish themselves from the competition with the ‘more is more’ approach of value-added marketing. It helps them differentiate their offerings from competitors while fostering customer loyalty by providing additional benefits beyond the core product or service.

To align these tactics and efforts with desired market outcomes, they must master various aspects, from understanding internal tech stacks and processes to using them for creating relevant and impactful content.

Enter Goose Digital, a digital marketing agency that comprehends client objectives and aligns them with marketing initiatives through ideas based on in-depth research and a strong grasp of business intricacies and industry nuances. Its services are centered around supporting revenue creation across demand (inbound capture and outbound creation), marketing operations (marketing automation, CRM, and other MarTech solutions), brand (audience communication/engagement, in-person and online events, and website), and solutions (strategy, thought leadership, and written, video, and podcast content creation).

“Our value stems from strong strategic orientation, which enables us to provide clients with a deep understanding of the ‘why’ behind our actions”
Kevin Butler, VP of Strategy and Marketing at Goose Digital

Asking fundamental questions like ‘Do these efforts align with the key performance indicators (KPIs) and revenuedriven objectives?’, the agency molds strategic thinking into desired outcomes. This results in a foundation for lasting partnerships and client success. Every project begins with Goose Digital’s team assessing objectives and desired results, then defining success criteria. It considers a range of metrics like generating qualified sales opportunities and actual revenue generation, which provides them with a direct assessment of success. The company has moved away from leads and even marketing qualified leads as success indicators as they’ve found those particular metrics don’t always directly align with sales and executive KPIs.

Once this foundation is in place, the agency establishes how to measure and evaluate success, considering the campaign’s goals and purpose, whether top-of-funnel or focused on conversion and revenue. Essentially, it understands the client’s business, KPIs, and challenges from the get-go and selects a strategist whose experience aligns with their needs.

The methodology is especially valuable in the post-COVID world, where marketing departments are forced to do ‘more with less’ and achieve sustainable success using limited in-house resources and tight budgets. Additionally, Goose Digital optimizes existing technologies and provides executive-level support to ensure better alignment between marketing and sales departments.

In its array of marketing services, Goose Digital offers paid media and advertising on platforms like Google AdWords and social media. At the same time, it provides impactful email marketing and automation alongside marketing operations (MOps) and customer relationship management (CRM) offerings to enable seamless internal and customer-facing communications.

From a technology standpoint, the agency helps simplify the tech stacks across disparate silos so marketingefforts directly drive valuable leads, better opportunities, and consistent revenue generation.

It also creates ad hoc reports and custom dashboards which correlate directly to a customer’s KPIs. Combined with its experienced team, they deliver high-level strategy support, from go-to-market program development to overseeing ongoing execution.

Goose Digital is known for turning strategies into actions that deliver tangible, revenue-aligned outcomes. The agency also emphasizes continuous optimization and tweaking based on client feedback. It works with customers to evaluate performance and make necessary adjustments to boost campaign impacts.

A success story substantiating Goose Digital’s impact is long term engagement where a global experiential marketing organization sought to transform and scale its marketing department through approach and technology. It achieved this by digitalizing their inbound lead intake process. This included a seamless integration of lead scoring, segmentation, routing, automated responses, and in-depth attribution analysis.

Ultimately, the agency’s holistic approach streamlined lead management processes, diversified marketing channels, tailored campaigns for different geographical audiences, and used audience segmentation to enhance the effectiveness of their brand awareness initiatives.

Several weeks after the engagement began, the client observed a substantial surge in organic inbound leads which they were able to connect with their target audience campaigns. This led to four other lead-generation campaigns worldwide, eventually delivering staggering ROI.

Goose Digital’s strategic approach, marketing technology expertise, and commitment to ongoing improvement make it a valuable partner for businesses seeking to maximize their marketing efforts and excel in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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