In Part One of our 2 part blog series, we shared how many organizations find it challenging to find the right audience and turn them into qualified leads and customers. This included a short series of videos put together in partnership with InvertedTaco.

We are happy to share with you our second video series with InvertedTaco focusing on how your marketing tactics can be applied to almost any real world scenario, like the outdoors for example!

Find Your Audience

Goose helps you find the right audience and develop the appropriate strategy to reach them.

Capture Your Audience

We help you identify key pain points to focus in on, and how, when and where you should deliver your solutions to capture audience engagement.

Measure Performance

We then analyze what your audience is and isn’t engaging or converting with and help optimize your marketing automation and paid marketing efforts to increase lead volume and conversion as well as return on ad spend.

If you enjoyed these videos and are interested in having some of your own created, visit our Plans & Pricing page to learn more. If you would like to better understand how we could help support your organization’s end to end customer journey contact us today.

About Goose Digital:

Goose Digital is Canada’s leading marketing performance agency. We create marketing strategies that align with business objectives to help organizations drive revenue growth and return on marketing investment. We combine marketing strategy and modern digital marketing and acquisition services with advanced marketing operations technology and cutting edge data and insights capabilities to power compelling cross-channel marketing experiences with measurable results. 

About InvertedTaco: 

InvertedTaco is a video production company that combines performance and branding to drive conversions through testing and iterating. Taco achieves scale through a lean and cost-effective production model to service businesses at all stages of growth.