Trufla and Goose Digital have partnered to drive digital transformation in the Canadian insurance broker industry through their collaboration in the CDAP (Comprehensive Digital Adoption Program). Trufla, a leading AI-centric Insurtech provider, has selected top-tier tech vendors and service providers to empower brokers with innovative solutions. Goose Digital, renowned for its expertise in digital marketing and operational technology services for insurance brokers, joins forces with Trufla to provide comprehensive support and services.

The partnership aims to help brokers accelerate their digital adoption journey and achieve sustainable growth. Trufla and Goose Digital recognize the increasing importance of digitalization in the insurance sector and aim to enhance customer engagement, retention, and loyalty through digital marketing acquisition, operational technology, and data-driven strategies.

By collaborating with industry-leading service providers like Goose Digital, Trufla leverages their expertise and technology to drive growth, efficiency, and customer-centricity for brokers. The partnership offers brokers a comprehensive suite of tools and services tailored to their specific needs, enabling them to navigate the complexities of digital transformation, streamline operations, optimize customer experiences, and unlock new growth opportunities.

Trufla has assembled a team of respected professionals dedicated to maximizing the success of the CDAP program and delivering outstanding outcomes for brokers. The company is committed to ongoing collaboration, continuous innovation, and exceptional results for brokers, aiming to accelerate the digital transformation efforts across the industry.

Read the full press release here and learn more about CDAP here.