Everything you need to know about Verizon.net email addresses being terminated.


After acquiring AOL in 2015 and Yahoo! in 2016, Verizon recently announced they will soon be shutting down several million Verizon.net email addresses. As of February 2017, they have refocused their efforts in order to provide the best possible internet, TV, and phone services to customers.

While this is great news for some, this refocusing means that individuals or companies utilizing a Verizon.net email address will lose their email capacity. In an effort to address this, Verizon has asked customers to migrate to alternative services, namely AOL mail, at no extra cost.

Goose Digital clients who currently make use of our marketing automation services to contact Verizon.net email addresses will, in the near future, experience a hard bounce against these emails, unless these individuals have completed the migration process within 30 days of receiving notice from Verizon.

Once Verizon.net accounts are cancelled, they will no longer be accessible and thus will affect your ability to send emails to these addresses. By that same token, any customers who currently utilize a Verizon.net account will no longer be able to contact you via this domain and, if customers take no action to move their Verizon.net email account, they will lose access to contacts and calendar services.

Verizon has further stated that, after 90 days of inactivity, all dormant accounts will be deleted in an effort to reduce their server storage needs, electrical consumption, and environmental footprint.

Your team at Goose Digital stays current by following the latest trends in digital marketing and has been made aware of the implications that this move will have on email sends. While service disruption should be minimal, provided Verizon customers complete the migration process, we recognize this transition may impact the performance of your email and marketing automation campaigns.

For further details on how this transition will affect your business, and to discuss strategic initiatives on how to continue to reach your clients or prospects, please contact your Account Manager for assistance.

More details on the Verizon/AOL move can also be found at aol.com.