Act-On has launched an exciting new feature on their core marketing automation platform: Act-On AI Create. This new feature allows customers to bring the power of AI to emails created through the Act-On platform, bringing new levels of intelligence and efficiency to marketing automation.

Act-On AI Create is powered by groundbreaking technology from OpenAI, the company who brought us the generative AI chatbot, ChatGPT. With a simple prompt, marketers can now generate seamless email content in seconds. Machine learning helps to craft increasingly unique emails with each new prompt and revision. Act-On’s AI Create then plugs generated emails directly into marketers’ templates, without tedious reformatting from ChatGPT in another browser window.

How to access Act-On AI Create in Act-On

To access Act-On AI Create in Act-On, users will first need to enable it in the account. To enable Act-On AI Create, follow these steps:

  1. In the left sidebar, go to Settings > Other Settings > Custom Account Settings
  2. Within Custom Account Settings, select the Labs tab.
  3. Enable the ‘Act-On AI Create OpenAI Integration’ option.

How to Enable Act-On AI Create

The next time you open a rich text content block inside of an Act-On email you will see the option “Create with AI”.

To learn more about this new feature, visit Act-On’s latest blog for more information.

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