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4 Keys To Selecting A Marketing Automation Platform
There’s a lot to consider when selecting a marketing automation platform. While we could go on for days about critical features and things to think about, here’s are some key concepts to think about when selecting a marketing automation platform.

‘New era’ in data protection as changes loom
A “new era” of data protection is being ushered in with “big” changes ahead for individuals, firms, and state bodies. Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) Helen Dixon warned in her annual report that an overhaul of EU laws was coming down the tracks in terms of greater protection of personal information.


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The Best Email Marketing Infographic You’ve Ever Seen
No matter what type of marketing tactics and strategies you may have tried, there is one medium that consistently outperforms all the others: email marketing. And whether you’re a neophyte or an expert email marketer, the infographic below is sure to offer you some information and insights that will be new to you.



How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Marketing Automation
The days of “one size fits all” marketing are over. If you want to stay competitive now, you need to talk to different types of customers differently. Most of us are really trying to achieve the one to one marketing ideal. So it’s reasonable to assume that if you could combine these two tactics ‒ automation and personalization ‒ you’d be downright dangerous. But there are levels of sophistication with personalization. Simply dropping in a first name now and again is just the beginning.

Marketing Automation Success Begins And Ends With Content
While the market is exploding with marketing automation solutions, one thing remains constant: Many brands fail to realize meaningful value from their investment. Only 40% of companies report revenue increases from using marketing automation, even after two years. Working with hundreds of B2B brands in automating their marketing and sales processes, I’ve been able to identify the common denominators in marketing automation success and failure.

What is Retention Marketing, and Why You Need to Start Today
Retention marketing, the mysterious form of marketing that seems to be popping everywhere. The whisperings have started, but do you really know what retention marketing is?