90 Days to Get the Marketing Results you Need

What’s exciting about a quarterly or 90 day content plan? It can give you purpose, clarity, and the consistency of a plan of action to achieve the online marketing results your business needs. Most digital marketing efforts flounder due to a lack of clarity about goals and objectives. And if your goals are confused, your customers will be confused too.

A modern digital marketing effort is a big task. It’s overwhelming if you don’t break it down into a sensible and manageable set of activities.

Get a manageable, 90 day plan in place and you’ll find it much simpler to discover exciting content ideas and begin to produce them along with generating effective distribution tactics such as social, email, and PPC advertising . If you’re trying to navigate digital without a clear map however, creating and distributing engaging content will be daunting and confusing.

Let’s start by discovering your true goals and objectives.

If one does not know to which port one is sailingno wind is favorable.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca.

What is Your Most Pressing Need?

Identify your overarching goal:

  • Who is your specific customer target?
  • What are your customer’s needs?
  • What do you need them to know?
  • What emotions would you like to elicit?

The beauty of a 90 day plan is it how it reduces the pain of needing to reach long term goals.

Is your goal to:

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Build respect and trust for your company
  • Test a specific theory (does an audience want X product?)
  • Increase web or social media traffic
  • Educate the market on a specific product’s benefits
  • Increase leads (may not be top driver)
  • Reduce marketing costs

Then you can break that goal down into objectives that give you energy, optimism and confidence. That’s how a plan can make a big difference to your business success. It’s manageable. It’s measurable. You’ll know what you’ve done and what it’s achieved.

That spells relief and confidence for future campaigns.

The key business challenges CEO’s and SME owners face today is to create enough leads that drive sales. Your 90 day plan will generate the necessary content to attract these leads, publish it consistently, and assist the sales team with engagement, higher lead scores, and quality lead responses.

Mapping out Your Plan’s Objectives

Follow this chart to help you narrow down your content marketing goals and objectives.

Digital Marketing Goal


Strategy to Achieve Goals

Specific Content to Create

Key Performance Indicators

Grow: Create more web traffic via organic search, PPC, and social sources Increase leads via content marketing Build new, relevant, persuasive, blog content, social content to increase presence on the web.
  • Blog posts
  • Tweets
  • Linkedin pulse posts
  • High converting landing pages
  • infographics
  • Overall new organic traffic
  • Overall return traffic
  • Lead scores
  • Google referrals
  • Social referrals
  • Visits from text and banner ads
Build Desire and Engage: Increase time spent on siteIncrease pages viewed Create more interesting, exciting, sharable, entertaining and informative content.
  • Downloadable white papers
  • Infographics
  • Downloadable case studies
  • Write 1 high quality, original blog post per week
  • Curate/repurpose 1 tweet per day
  • Time spent on page
  • Time spent on site
  • Items shared socially
  • (bounce rates/avg. time spent)
Convert: Get the value proposition across, expose the right content to them at the right time to move them along the sales funnel Build in interesting viewpoints, contrasts, controversy, and stories that responds to customer’s key pain point
  • Correct call to action on pages and social pages
  • Well-designed and written landing pages
  • Squeeze pages


  • Actual leads generated
  • Lead score rating

Put Your Plan into Action

Depending on how much time and resources you have, you can implement your content activities on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  You’ll want to publish consistently to your audience because the more quality impressions you leave, the more likely they are to engage. However, B2B and B2C consumers are overwhelmed with content and messaging so you’ll need to find the exact right times to reach your audience and present the correct content.

If all of this is too much to do yourself, it’s wise to consider hiring a digital marketing agency. Our clients rely on us to create and execute their 90 day marketing plans. We have the expertise in what’s becoming a complex marketing medium.

Don’t go it on your own, even if you are a marketing manager. Your goal is a result and whatever is going to get you to that end result is what matters.

Use a 90 day plan and you’ll have wind at your back and you’ll know where you’re going.

Thanks and check back for more content marketing tips as part of the summer series.