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10 Astounding Digital Marketing Stats From This Week
Time to settle down for your trusty stats round-up. This week, we’re talking about online search, ecommerce loyalty, B2B buying and lots more.

WordPress Blogs Defaced in Hack Attacks
A security flaw in the WordPress blogging software has let hackers attack and deface tens of thousands of sites. Some hackers may now be trying to take over sites rather than just spoil pages. WordPress urged site owners to update software to avoid falling victim.

Why Our Super Bowl Ad Failed (Satire)
This satirical article dives into a thorough and entertaining post-mortem of the Cards Against Humanity Super Bowl ad. Although we’re not sure if this write up is part of the campaign.


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B2B Marketing Techniques That Are Scaring Off Your Customers
“My service starts and ends with just attracting new clients. My competitors are doing just as good a job, if not better. You’re just a statistic on my sales report”. These might not be the words you’re using to promote your brokerage, but they may still be the words that your clients are hearing. Way too many financial brokerages are breaking all the rules in the 1.01 digital marketing guidebook.

Instagram Stories: How Brands Should Use It To Build Better Customer Relationships
To succeed with Instagram Stories, use them as a way to deepen and extend the relationship with your followers. Embrace the unique format that Stories offers to be successful. Here are a few of our favourite tips and tactics.

Product Lessons From Snap’s S-1
Snap, Inc. is the best consumer software product organisation operating today, as measured by the quality and uniqueness of what they ship– which is what counts.



5 Ways To Boost The Impact Of Your Marketing Automation
Despite the potential that marketing automation offers to connect with leads and convert them to customers, many brands still use this marketing tool as simply glorified email distribution. The most successful companies use their marketing automation systems extensively, according to recent research.

How to Get More Results Out of Less Content
My, we’ve all been busy. Marketers have been creating quite a lot of content over the past few years ‒ and it looks like most of us will create even more of it this year. More is not always better. You might be able to create less content and still get more results.

What Steve Jobs Can Teach Us about Marketing in 2017
Steve Jobs didn’t look good on paper. Yet, at age 21 the brilliant and unknown inventor partnered with friend Steve Wozniak to start Apple Inc. The rest is history. But along this journey, Jobs proved himself to be not only one of the great inventors, but also one of the great marketers. So what can you learn from Jobs and apply to your brand in the new year? Here are five marketing strategies to consider in the coming months.