Congratulations to Drummer Realty & Property Management on winning the CRRA award for Media Excellence!

Drummer was seeking Web Design Services near Calgary early in 2015. Thanks to some connections, they hooked up with us, and we’ve been happily bonded ever since. Their website relaunch, which took place in November of 2015, was a big success. Since then, Drummer has decided to add a user login section to their website, which launched today. Users now have the ability to view their income statements online, update their contact information, comment directly on their properties, and receive notifications when their agents reply. Drummer has really taken the lead in Realty & Property Management by having an interactive and user-friendly online presence. Their push for a better online platform is the reason they’ve received this year’s Media Excellence Award.

What is the CRRA Award?

Each year, the Calgary Residential Rental Association recognizes excellence within the rental community with an awards gala. Owners, Property Managers, or Service Members can be nominated to receive an award based on updates to their practice, award-winning customer service, or by going above and beyond what’s expected in other ways.

About the Client

Drummer Realty and Property Management specializes in the leasing, care, and maintenance of residential rental properties in Calgary, Edmonton, and across Southern Alberta. You can visit their website here.

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