Although Marketing Automation is by technology standards, a mature offering, we frequently find ourselves answering the question: What is it? And more importantly, what value does it deliver?

Whether looking at Auto, Home or Commercial coverages there are key business metrics that can be positively impacted with the help of Marketing Automation. 

While the marketplace is rich with point and shoot solutions that address specific Sales or Operational challenges, Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs) such as Act-On, when deployed strategically offer value across multiple pain points and areas of business.

Business Drivers of Marketing Automation image

The illustration above highlights a simplified view of the multiple applications a best of breed MAP addresses by dividing the value across engagement lines. The ability to action all aspects of the lead phase in green, and the existing customer phase in orange is a huge advantage. Can you imagine requiring only one platform to support and automate everything from lead scoring, nurture and bind reporting on new lead campaigns through to New Customer Welcome programs, renewals, Cross-Sells and referrals?

Thinking about how to get started? The most effective approach is to identify one or two areas, driven by your corporate priorities to drive growth or efficiencies. The platforms are very affordable making ROI quick to achieve.

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