How do brands set themselves apart from the competition in an increasingly competitive and crowded space?

How do they meet customer demands for any time, anywhere and any channel ability to engage or buy  – with personalized products and services? And how do companies deliver all this while driving profits? These are challenges that all companies face today – including the insurance industry.

For most policyholders or prospective ones, the products and services which their insurance provider sells appear very similar. The language and details of a policy can be very confusing. Most people don’t actually know what is included, so it’s difficult to know what differentiates one policy from another, and what to that point makes one insurance provider better than the next. Most of the providers that we speak with say that it’s the level of service that they provide that differentiates themselves but the reality is that until there is a claim or a problem, few have the chance to experience and evaluate this service.

So, what if instead of waiting until this occurs, insurance providers were able to get in front of this and transform how they drive brand awareness and engage with prospects? What if they could personalize how they connect with customers but operationalize it so instead of adding workload to their teams they actually increase efficiencies? It is possible but requires a big shift in how the industry has typically operated. And these changes have to touch all parts of an organization to truly have an impact – from people, operations, marketing, technology and analytics. And first and foremost leadership because that is where it all starts.

While it’s fairly easy to talk about what has to change, putting it into action is always more challenging.

But don’t just take my word for it – hear it directly from an insurance broker who is in the middle of an incredible journey of digital transformation.

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