The modern insurance landscape is ripe for evolution in the content marketing space, and more like a mind shift in how providers approach their policy sale pitches and ongoing customer service. For a long time, the sector has faced bottlenecks associated with the existence of systems connecting processes, people, and frameworks. But technology and media has been bridging these gaps with regards to how insurance products are sold, purchased as well as the large need for the transfer of information and self education.

Even then, most insurance providers are failing to keep up with business-as-usual activities, never mind finding the time to re-think their content marketing strategies -> which in turn will produce more new business and help stop the churn of existing customers. 

No Longer at Ease

Insurance providers can no longer sit back and hope that clients or brokers will come to them. The fact that there have already been mass disruptions in the insurance sector caused by the introduction of AI should be a real lesson- adapt or perish.

The rate of change and market challenges in this industry make it difficult to innovate. However, whether you’re a Carrier, MGA or a broker, it’s critical to make time to plot out what the digital and marketing road-map for your business will look like year over year, in order to remain relevant and keep up with the competition. 

Creating Unique Content that Can Drive Leads

Few marketers understand the need for education when pushing for sales. The modern client is hungry for information and rarely purchases anything before heavily researching the products they are considering buying. 

Unique content can change your sales curve within a short span. tackle common pain points, address customers’ fears regarding coverage and costs and use real claims examples to help paint the picture of the promise of protection. Essentially this is what they’re buying.

Connecting Your Content to Real Life Scenarios: A Sure Way to Drive Sales 

The greatest challenge for most marketers is creating authentic content and volumes of it.  Sharing real-life claims is a fantastic way to create content, but also take the opportunity to educate the customer around market changes, pricing increases and coverage gaps. Take this a step further by highlighting potential custom solutions your company has to help alleviate the pressure on the average household/business, or a broker trying to grow their book of business.

Think about the Customer Experience

The end goal for any marketing strategy is to resonate deeply with a target audience. 

However, if your entire campaign only yields customers that will not be profitable, it likely means that you need to revisit your content strategy, key messaging as well as the overall user experience. Customer experience and key messaging are among the top issues that affect your ability to convert new leads. You will need to customize your content to appeal to your target audience. Start by putting yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes, better yet, talk to your ideal customer and get their honest feedback. Don’t cut corners here and remember that you may go through several rounds of optimizations, in order to find out what works.

Go Niche 

Niche products are less competitive online and enable you to really focus on a target audience. If you plan to build a content marketing strategy to drive leads based on a niche line of business, there are a few things to research first. 

  1. Make sure the search volume and audience is there online
  2. If you sell through agents and brokers, make sure they have an appetite and expertise to write the niche vertical 
  3. Look closely at premiums/commissions and how this is applicable to ROI 
  4. Look for opportunities to productize what might be considered standard lines of business, with a niche approach. For example, small business insurance, take an industry vertical approach.

The reality is that despite doing your best to integrate your digital marketing with content creation, you may still face unprecedented challenges. No fuss, though. At Goose Digital, we exist to ensure that clients like you focus on their core business as we handle everything related to building a digital marketing strategy for you.

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