Looking for up-to-date digital marketing statistics? Perhaps you’re building an internal business case for a new website or digital marketing program; or maybe you’re an executive trying to better understand the value the web can bring to your business – based on hard facts, surveys, and research!

Well, if you’ve browsed the internet looking for “Digital Marketing Statistics”, you’ve likely experienced a plethora of articles, blogs, infographics and white papers – many that do not provide citations, and most that have “very old” statistics. Very old in this case is relative, since many of these digital marketing statistics are from the late 2000s -so what’s wrong with that? Well, in marketing technology a few years can be a lifetime!

So we wanted to provide 2 great locations for up-to-date digital marketings statistics for 2015.

The first is our partner, Act-on. They’ve put the time in to reveal 87 Really New Digital Marketing Statistics. The second is Hubspot’s The Ultimate List of Digital Marketing Statistics. Both provide tons of current digital marketing statistics complete with citations if you want to track down the original research.

Both lists cover these categories:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing Segmentation
  • Lead & Relationship Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Blogging & Social Media Marketing
  • Data & Analytics

Then Act-on covers Targeting and Personalization & Sales and Marketing Alignment while Hubspot covers Mobile and has a Misc. category.

So start 2015 off with these great sources!