A quick list of what to avoid!

You hear it all the time, people hate online advertising. But is that really the case or do they just hate bad online advertising? Avoid the following 6 pitfalls and see for yourself.

1. Don’t be deceptive

Your ads should be transparent. Tell them exactly what you’re offering, with out a catch.

2. Don’t push a hard sales pitch

You have to earn trust and prove your worth. No one sees an ad and then immediately runs out to buy the item, so don’t advertise that way. Leave them with a memorable, warm fuzzy feeling.

3. Don’t be Phony

Ensure your ads have credibility. If you can’t provide an authentic testimonial, don’t provide one. People can spot a fake a mile away!

4. Don’t be arrogant

You need to provide a service or solve a problem. Obviously you think your product or service is great so stop bragging and start convincing your audience.

5. Don’t spew vague, empty claims

Prove how great you are! Stop using the same old lines (best customer service, highest quality, etc) that everyone has heard before.

6. Don’t become another interruption

Ads are generally interpreted as interruptions so be sure to add value to the experience. Ensure the ad is relevant and properly targeted.

Use the above tips to help guide your strategy and brainstorming sessions. Make sure you spend the time and resources necessary to create beautifully crafted ads that will entertain, inform and excite your audience. Give them something worthy of the interest!

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