MBC Computer Solutions Ltd. (MBC) announced today it’s full suite of IT Managed Services in Toronto being debuted by its new website. MBC specializes in Managed IT Services, a form of IT Outsourcing that provides small and medium businesses full front office and back office IT solutions at rates far less than running full time IT resources. Managed IT Services gives companies a leg up on their competition through reduced downtime by staying ahead of the technology curve, without breaking the bank.

MBC’s Managed IT Services portfolio is unique for Toronto, both in terms of the range and depth of services offered and in the types of industries they serve. MBC has built a solid reputation for over 8 years with Professional and Financial Services firms, and make up an impressive portfolio of clientele who demand around-the-clock availability of their IT systems. These businesses range in size from 25 to over 100 employees, and are some of Toronto’s most successful law firms, accountants, insurance brokers, and wealth management firms including several IIROC member firms.

In order for these businesses to successfully outsource IT functions to a Managed IT Services provider like MBC, the provider must have both breadth and depth in their service offering -which isn’t easy for IT providers to develop. MBC spent their first 7 years providing “reactive” and “proactive” IT solutions, with dozens of clients subscribed to set blocks of hours for onsite and remote support. Over the years, MBC developed deep capabilities in network deployments, monitoring, desktop troubleshooting, server implementations, and datacenter hosting -critical ingredients for their future in Managed Services. In just 7 years, MBC became a leading IT Outsourcing provider in Toronto.

Considered a premium service over “proactive” IT solutions, Managed Services allows businesses to engage providers in a more a comprehensive monthly support program, backed by a Service Level Agreement. Managed Services is also considered a viable alternative to full time IT employees, which are expensive and often difficult for businesses to retain. Managed Services gives businesses access to a broad range of technology services and people, at a fraction of the cost of hiring and retaining staff.

After researching the top Managed IT Services providers in Toronto, in 2010 MBC unveiled their new service model. MBC’s Managed Services portfolio provides a wide range of critical desktop, server, application, and hosting services aimed at small and medium businesses in the Greater Toronto Area and Canada. One of MBC’s differentiators is their Employee Satisfaction Guarantee, an important aspect to their Service Level Agreement. The Employee Satisfaction Guarantee ties monthly penalties to the overall satisfaction of their client’s – measuring feedback from the individuals in which they provide day-to-day support. In just 2 year, MBC has successfully transitioned most clients to Managed Services and secured several more contracts underscoring its focus to being a leading provider.

We played a key-role in helping MBC transition to their Managed IT Services model, providing Business Technology and Digital Marketing consulting. TCI helped MBC solidify their service model, sales templates, Master Service Agreement and Service Level Agreement, website copy, and build a go-to-market strategy.