As highlighted in a recent Case Study, Act-On Software & Goose Digital provide RSA Insurance Canada with the marketing automation environment and strategic support needed to achieve multi-channel broker engagement and influence new business, retention, and broker loyalty.

RSA approached Goose Digital in 2015 with an overall question, could we use marketing automation to impact broker behaviour, enhance our reach, and provide choice to the broker?

This inquisitive and forward thinking mindset expanded into more questions. Could we amplify our digital marketing to support sales? Could we identify, and therefore score and target, our brokers in a purposeful and more personalized way? Ultimately, could we use the data that we have and add what we gather across all digital mediums to measure then act? This kind of thinking set the stage for a bold pursuit to enhance their digital marketing strategies and get them closer to their goals.

Specifically, the question that kept coming over to us was – can Marketing Automation Platforms do this?

That was 6 years ago now, and their marketing automation journey has been an exciting expedition, putting them in the forefront of the insurance industry in Canada. Many innovative thinkers at RSA Canada lead the way and continue to progress towards the marketing utopia – where marketing technology couples with smart strategies to impact business outcomes in a big way.

I’ve seen these teams knock-down barriers between marketing, technology, and department silos, to not only get the job done, but to excel and drive results. It’s that kind of grit that keeps programs evolving and provides the platform to really impact business objectives.
– Jennifer Pugsley, VP, Customer Success

As in any journey, there’s many more hills to climb, but what these teams have learned along the way is that it takes vision and trust, and some wins, to keep moving forward towards the next goal.

This RSA Insurance Canada customer spotlight breaks down some of the key challenges and pain-points many marketers face today. Head over to Act-On to read the entire RSA Case Study.

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