As a marketer, you know digital content like blogs, videos, and social media are integral to your marketing strategy, but figuring out the frequency you should post digital content can be tricky.

Fortunately, our partner HubSpot surveyed over 1,200 marketers to determine how often you should publish content across various channels. Here’s what you should consider.

How often do marketers publish content?

Our survey found that 34% of marketers publish content multiple times a week, and 33% publish content once a day. Only 13% reported publishing content multiple times a day, 10% said weekly, 6% said multiple times per month, and 4% said once a month or less.

But which posting frequency is the most effective? Well, most marketers (35%) who publish once daily described their 2022 marketing strategy as effective.

Interestingly, we found that 33% of the marketers who publish multiple times a week said their marketing strategy was effective, 39% described it as neither effective nor ineffective, and most (43%) described it as ineffective.

However, how often you should post content depends on when your audience is most active online and on different platforms.

How often should you post content?

To find out how often you should post content, conduct audits for your marketing channels to track your audience’s behavior and your content’s performance. You can conduct a website audit to assess your blog and web pages. You can also perform a social media audit to do the same for your social media channels.

After completing your audits, you’ll have a comprehensive analysis of your content’s performance and your audience’s behavior. You’ll then be able to determine how often you should post content for each channel.

While the ideal posting cadence can vary for every organization, there are some factors marketers should be aware of when posting content.

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