Act-On Software, a leading provider of marketing automation solutions, is releasing Act-On AI Predictive Lead Score, a feature to help marketers narrow the marketing funnel and hone in on the strongest leads. This is part of Act-On’s ongoing multi-year plan to deliver AI features that enhance marketing effectiveness and drive exponential efficiency for marketers.

Act-On AI Predictive Lead Score (PLS) utilizes machine learning (ML) to help users prioritize leads that have a higher propensity to convert to closed sales. ML algorithms can analyze customer behavioral data, including website activity, email engagement, and social media interactions, to assign a score to prospects that have high probability to convert.

Armed with this insight, marketers can more efficiently analyze leads, adjust campaigns, and prioritize leads that are most likely to convert and generate revenue.

“AO AI Predictive Lead Score is a powerful way to focus marketing and sales on the highest quality prospects,” said Act-On Software CEO Kate Johnson. “Creating accurate lead scores has often been an obstacle for marketers. By leveraging Act-On’s machine learning for predictive lead scoring, we make pinpointing those hot leads a lot easier.”

Act-On AI Predictive Lead Score integrates easily into marketers’ existing CRM workflows and business processes. Users can compare manual and predictive lead scores, use the Predictive Lead Score results to inform manual score sheets, and combine with other firmographic and behavioral data sets. This gives marketers more flexibility than ever to use the power of AI to bring more relevant, targeted marketing content and sales conversations to their prospective customers.

Act-On AI Predictive Lead Score leverages Act-On’s new back-end data management infrastructure through AWS and Snowflake. Data reports provide a comprehensive view into how marketing campaigns perform, including data about leads generated, conversions, revenue generated, and return on investment.

“We’re very excited about all of Act-On’s new AI capabilities rolling out,” said Brian Evancho, Marketing Manager of Schneider Downs, an Act-On client. “Our team plans to utilize the Predictive Lead Score to impact new and existing engagement strategies. PLS allows us yet another segmentation opportunity to ensure we are communicating the right message at the right time with our prospective customers.”

Predictive Lead Score follows the release of Act-On AI Create, which utilizes OpenAI to generate unique marketing email content within seconds and seamlessly integrates with automated program creation.

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