The proliferation of MarTech platforms has enabled marketers to engage with prospects and customers across multiple different channels. The challenge with these often siloed platforms is measuring what is actually driving growth. And with marketers being increasingly held accountable for Pipeline Growth, visibility into marketing attribution has become critical.

Attribution allows marketers to understand the impact of initiatives on growth at the channel, campaign or even asset level. These insights  provide them with data driven tools to decide where to invest further and where to pull back, enabling them to deliver on expectations.

In this session, HubSpot’s Rebecca Phillips and Goose Digital’s Robyn Croll discuss the importance of marketing attribution and the need for a powerful yet flexible reporting platform.

  • Marketer’s Top Priorities and Challenges Today
  • The Importance of Marketing and Revenue Attribution for Strategic Growth
  • Flexibility and Power of Tracking and Reporting Attribution in HubSpot

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