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Everything You Need to Know About Act-On’s Recent i♥marketing Roadshow

We recap Act-On’s iHeartMarketing Adaptive Journeys roadshow in New York City on August 8. Act-On executives spoke about the company’s vision, their technology focus, and why the Act-On marketing automation platform is positioned for the next generation of marketing.


Expert Interview: Lead Lifecycle Management with Top Hat’s VP of Demand Generation
Learn about top marketing automation and lead lifecycle management from Toronto-based marketing leader Amrita Mathur. As the VP of Demand Generation at Top Hat, Amrita explains how she approaches marketing to leads in different stages of her marketing and sales funnel – a can’t miss interview for all B2B marketers.

Top 5 Marketing Automation Use Cases for B2C and B2B E-commerce
Goose Digital President Michael Turcsanyi explains the value marketing automation can bring to B2C and B2B ecommerce experiences. He lists marketing automation’s top 5 use cases for digital commerce, and includes detailed examples and best practices.


Trending upwards graph KEY TRENDS & HOT TOPICS

New Ways to Reach That Age-Old Objective: Building Relationships With Customers
Forrester Research’s James McQuivey predicts AI-enabled marketing programs to be the future of advertising, but Goose Digital’s Steph Inglis believes marketing and advertising has and will always be about building strong relationships with customers, regardless of technology available.

HTML or Text Emails: Which is Better?
Marketing automation platform vendor, Marketo, tests HTML and text-based emails to more than 500,000 contacts to figure out which is more effective for contact engagement. You’ll be surprised which method performed better.


5 Ways to Protect and Improve Your Email Sending Reputation
Goose Digital’s Mark Finnegan outlines five ways businesses can protect and improve email sending reputation. These strategies and quick tips can improve your email marketing and marketing automation performance significantly.

Social Media Listening: Why It’s Critical for Brands
Get six tips on how to leverage social media to push your brand into category leadership. Falcon.io explains how savvy social listening can help you steer clear of catastrophe and keep pace with your social community.