Have you been collecting behavioural data about your prospects and customers, but wish there was a more robust way at making sense of your audience and measure the true impact of your marketing efforts?

If you’re using a marketing automation platform such as Act-On, there’s a powerful feature called Data Studio that you may not know existed which can help you do just that.

Act-On’s Data Studio makes it easy to uncover new insights about the performance of your marketing programs to help you make smarter marketing decisions. Combined with a business intelligence (BI) tool, it allows for advanced data visualization and fully customizable reporting.

Customize Your Data

With Data Studio – you’ll have powerful controls that allow you to filter, aggregate, or export data to answer key questions about marketing performance.

Look for broad trends across all your campaigns and correlate them with how they are performing against key performance indicators (KPIs), or drill into the nitty-gritty details of a single program to find out how a campaign performed.

Integration with any BI Tool

Being able to visualize your data can greatly clarify performance factors and open up new findings. Connect your Data Studio with a BI tool such as Tableau or Power BI, and watch as eye-catching charts and graphs make your data engaging and easy to digest. Find relevance among thousands of variables and communicate concepts to others with built-in visualization tools.

We like to use tree map charts to display and compare several data points all at once, but there are over a dozen chart and graph options to choose from, such as pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs, geographical maps, and more.

Built-In Report Templates

With built in reporting templates provided by Data Studio, you can easily jump in and answer common questions to give yourself a solid starting point for more complex reports. Reveal your best (and worst) performing landing pages, track your most popular whitepaper downloads, or pinpoint the best days of the week to deploy emails.

We personally like to use the tool to pull data on email campaigns and landing page performance, and correlate opens / clicks and visits / submits with time of day and location – but the possibilities are endless and are yours to discover.

Competitive Advantage

Whether you’re just starting out in understanding metrics and reporting, or you’re a seasoned expert looking for an advanced tool to give you all the data analysis you could want – Act On’s Data Studio is the right tool to get you started.

When used in conjunction with BI tools – you’ll be far ahead of the competition in visualizing, reporting, and understanding your data. A deeper level of understanding your data will surely translate to better results in your future marketing efforts!