The insurance industry has made great strides in adopting digital platforms and strategies over the last few years. This includes how providers use digital marketing to effectively promote insurance products and services to target audiences with tactics such as search engine marketing, social media advertising, and email marketing — many of which are handled through marketing automation.

But insurance consumers are ready for even better digital experiences, and video has proven to be a powerful tool to deliver on this. For insurance companies, brokers, and MGAs who want to get an edge on the rest of the industry, adding video marketing into content marketing strategy is essential. Here are a few ways in which video can drive awareness, growth and value in the insurance industry.

Explain complex insurance concepts in a simple and engaging way

Insurance can be complex and it can be challenging for consumers to understand the various products and services that are available. Video is an excellent medium for explaining policy details in a straightforward and engaging way. By using animation, graphics, and other visual elements, insurance providers can break down complex ideas and make them more accessible to their target audience.

Target key customer segments

Insurance providers can use video to reach specific groups of people by developing videos that speak uniquely to them. Using language, images or actors which represent the targeted audience based on factors such as age, family composition, location or interests prospects can ‘see themselves’ in the videos and connect to the value proposition of the insurance product.

Improve customer experience

In the insurance industry, providing a positive customer experience is essential. Similar to how video can personalize the buying experience, video can be an excellent way to improve the customer experience by providing helpful and informative content that addresses the questions and concerns of customers. As an example, insurance providers can use video to answer frequently asked questions about submitting a claim,  provide tips and advice on how to avoid risk, or give customers an inside look at their company and new and exciting products.

Stand out in a crowded market

The insurance industry is highly competitive, and for many consumers it’s difficult to see the differences from one provider to another. These factors make it challenging for insurance providers to stand out from the crowd. Video is an excellent way for insurance providers to differentiate themselves and capture the attention of their target audience. Video allows insurance providers to bring their company to life and introduce their teams and value propositions, showcasing their uniqueness and setting themselves apart from their competitors.

Drive conversions and increase customer loyalty

Video is a highly effective way to move prospects along the buying journey. By using video as part of a performance marketing strategy, insurance providers can drive conversions and increase customer loyalty. For example, a video that showcases the benefits of a particular insurance product or service can be an effective way to persuade viewers to make a purchase. More to the point, video allows insurance providers to further personalize the insurance buying experience in more engaging ways.

Easily shared and repurposed

Video is a highly shareable medium, and it can be an excellent way to build brand awareness and reach a wider audience. Insurance providers can use video as part of their performance marketing strategy by creating compelling content and featuring it on social platforms, which can then be easily shared. This same content can be repurposed and featured on their corporate website, in prospect and customer emails or within digital presentations such as webinars or at tradeshows.

Ensure the Success of Your Insurance Marketing With Video

Video is a powerful tool that can support marketing for prospects and customers, improve brand awareness and drive value and growth for Insurance providers. Whether videos are used to explain complex policy details, improve customer experience by answering frequently asked questions or bring a brand to life by featuring team members, insurance providers who integrate video into their market increase their chances of standing out in a crowded market. And in a highly competitive industry like Insurance, this is critical in driving sustained growth.

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