Social media is an essential marketing channel, but many businesses simply don’t have the time and resources to dedicate to social. If this sounds familiar, combining marketing automation and social media might be the solution.

Automating social media marketing goes beyond scheduling content. To get it right, you have to plan and map your content to your larger marketing initiatives and then trace that back to what your audience wants and expects to see and learn on your social channels. With marketing automation, you can listen to the market and your audience and then develop your content accordingly to enhance the customer experience and increase lead generation.

Studies show that businesses must automate social media to run effective and efficient social campaigns. Without automating social media profiles, the work becomes more repetitive and less effective. As much as you should check in periodically to make messages relevant and respond to events promptly, scheduling can help you keep on top of social media campaigns and plan efficiently. 

In addition, you can automate marketing campaigns off the back of your social media platforms by sending automated messaging programs to people who sign up for anything through your social channels. For example, you can send introduction emails detailing “what to expect” to people who sign up for a newsletter or “learn more” SMS for people who visit a particular page on your website via social. 

Social media campaigns offer the perfect opportunity for B2B businesses to interact with potential buyers and develop new relationships. Marketing automation provides the platform you need to have the one-on-one conversations that move the needle with your target audiences. When paired with a great social platform, it helps save time by eliminating repetitive tasks, allowing your staff to focus more on planning and executing creative and engaging campaigns.

For a full breakdown of all the benefits and stats on how marketing automation can improve your social media campaigns, read the original blog on our partner Act-On Software’s website, here.

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