Sales conversions have evolved from getting ahold of someone on the phone, and that being enough, to a much more comprehensive process that includes (but isn’t exclusive to):

  • Ongoing communication
  • Education
  • Promotion
  • Maintaining marketing/communication channels
  • Content production

These initiatives are required to engage a captive audience–but it’s not enough to just “do them.” They have to be consistent, fast-paced, and fluid efforts. And a lot of companies find themselves struggling to keep up in 2022.

So how does your organization keep up?

Putting People in the Right Places

At Goose Digital, we deal predominantly with these two types of marketing clients:

  1. Companies with large marketing departments where we’re being brought in to fill a few gaps and streamline their processes
  2. Companies with baron marketing departments, needing us to handle everything to do with digital marketing.

Unsurprisingly, the second type of client struggles the most. Talented people are needed to execute marketing strategies and consistently engage audiences. Otherwise, your organization will remain in perpetual stasis or even shrink.

Of course, not every company has the option to have an enormous marketing department. But there needs to be a happy medium between a massive roster of employees and nobody at all.

Doing More With Less

The companies with smaller (or non-existent) marketing departments need to start planning appropriately to do more with less.

A primary component of this process is finding the right people for your marketing department. 

Sure–we understand the struggles in making time or the budgetary allotments for such a hire. Still, today’s landscape demands that companies recruit marketing professionals, regardless of perceived constraints.

One single hire can help you act fast and move with the shifting landscape, embodying the very essence of doing more with the less.

Companies Big and Small Have Plenty in Common

We work with companies that sell solutions for six figures. And we work with companies who sell solutions for three figures.

Undoubtedly, the companies with the hundred-plus thousand dollar solutions have longer sales cycles than those charging a few hundred bucks per year. However, there’s not that much difference in how long it takes to convert between these two archetypes.

Regardless of the scale or pricing of a solution, marketing is filled with cycles and legwork, where consistency and rapid response are integral to conversions. Continuity is required whether your audience is just starting to understand your products or close to pulling the trigger. 

Finding the Best Marketing Platform to Streamline Your Legwork

While hiring the best possible people for your marketing department will go far in speeding up and maximizing your marketing, relying solely on those unicorns is a dangerous game.

This issue highlights the need for a marketing platform. Therefore, when that marketing all-star leaves your company, you’ll have a system that helps bridge the gap instead of being left in disarray. Or, if you’re looking to expand, the tech will be there to scale more seamlessly. 

In a nutshell, finding the best possible marketing platform (and getting your team to buy-in) will be your keys to the fast-growth castle. A marketing platform bolsters your marketing campaigns by allowing your team to create campaigns quicker (via automation and templating) and get them to market nearly instantaneously. 

In 2022, there’s no getting ahead if you aren’t moving fast. But upping your marketing speed is a complicated notion that can’t be solved by reading one blog. Fortunately, Goose Digital specializes in these processes. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.