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The New Realities of Marketing

David Ogilvy is possibly the single-most important individual contributor to advertising and marketing in the history of the discipline. The fact that he created this definition decades before the digital age is irrelevant. Gone are the days of printed catalogues and brochures. In their place stands a new digital world comprised of websites, email, social media and more.


How B2B Sellers Are Offering Personalization At Scale
As consumers in this data-driven, algorithmically obsessed world, we’ve come to expect highly personalized experiences that are tailored to our specific needs. Companies like Netflix and Uber set that tone, giving us what we want, when we want it — usually on the first try.

Why Marketing Automation Success Relies on Quality Content
In a factory, the automation requires the design plan (marketing strategy) but it also needs the component parts. Without that, there’s nothing to build with and assemble. In marketing automation, the component parts consist of the audience lists and the content you’ll present to them. Or in other words, who you are talking to and what you say.


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5 Common Mistakes That Destroy a Drip Campaign
Buyers today expect engaging and personal brand experiences throughout their relationship with a company. They are used to connecting on social media, getting replies to tweets, having immediate access to customer service chats, and more—all in an instant.

3 Online Marketing Myths That Even Chuck Norris Can’t Kill
If you’ve ever tried marketing anything online, I’m sure you’ve come across some internet marketing myths that seem to never die. Though I can’t prove it scientifically, I bet certain people in certain companies want new players to keep believing in these myths.


What Do Cars and Marketing Automation Have In Common?
When you work with marketing automation, the subject comes up again and again — how do we explain what it can and cannot do and the role it plays in a successful marketing program?

How to Talk to People, Not Segments: The Evolution of Real-Time Personalization
If I had $1 for every time I heard a marketer say “there has never been a more exciting or challenging time to be a marketer” I would be a rich man. I have lost count of the amount of conferences I have been to where I heard that phrase. The problem is not that the phrase isn’t true, it’s is VERY true, it’s just that few people explain why the current state of the marketing industry is both exciting and terrifying