Applied Systems launched their first digital conference and tradeshow over 2 weeks in September and October. With attendance clocked at over 10,000, it was a big show with lots of great presentations and product sessions. Taylor Rhode’s kickoff keynote really set the tone. The intersection where we are standing compels a transformative change and Applied leveraged this show to feature many of the changes and new products they have built to meet the challenges the Insurance industry is facing. Highlighted below are 2 of the product launches that will be most impactful for brokers looking to amplify their marketing and communications in a strategic and data-driven way.

Applied Marketing Automation

This recently launched product was built to make it easier for brokers to engage with their customers. Brokers are often challenged with creating new and relevant content, and sharing it with key segments of their audience. The content library provides them with access to subject matter across multiple lines of business and products, written and regularly updated by Applied’s team of content writers. The Campaign Hub and List Segmentation functionality provides brokers with the ability to use a range of filters to include (or exclude) customers in selected campaigns, either one-off or recurring. The Marketing Automation Analytics tools enable them to monitor and measure the deliverability of the emails as well as their effectiveness in driving opens and clicks. Additional functionality is already part of the roadmap to enhance existing functionality and add new features.

Applied Epic for Salesforce

As brokers adopt a more strategic way of selling, servicing and marketing, many have realized that managing leads and customers through email address books and spreadsheets doesn’t work any more and are turning to CRM platforms to store data and track sales journeys. Last year Applied announced their acquisition of TechCanary and this year they unveiled the integration work that has taken place since. Focusing on policy data and Applied Epic activities and attachments, Applied has created a bi-directional flow of data between Applied and Salesforce using the BDE and SDK. This allows users within both platforms to have a full picture of prospects, leads and existing customers and the ability to create automated workflows based on all available data. The automated integration removes the need for double entry and ensures data consistency. Reporting has also been a priority with an effort to ‘Insurify’ Salesforce reports making it easier for brokers to have visibility into the activities that are most important for them. The product roadmap for the next year (and beyond) includes additional integrations, improvised efficiencies and expansions into new regions and versions.

At Goose Digital, we know how strategically planned and professionally executed campaigns can impact growth and profits,  and the value of having the right platform to market efficiently and effectively.  We are looking forward to learning more about both of these products.

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