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The 17 Best Digital Marketing Conferences of 2017
We worked our way through the colossal number of upcoming digital marketing conferences to uncover the gems and roundup what we think are the 17 best digital marketing conferences in 2017.

How 3 Social Superstars Built Huge Followings Fast
Bodyguards, supercars, models, playboy mansions, helicopters, private jets, and “baller” lifestyles. These are part of the daily social media feeds from the biggest players on the planet. Build an audience of millions in record time with these secrets.

Digital Marketers: Embrace the Power of User Generated Content to Boost Email CTRs
Subject lines decide whether emails will be opened or not. Similarly, blog titles decide whether articles will be read or not. Many digital marketers will skip through this article since it is about email marketing. They believe email marketing is long dead. Why should one invest his resources (time, efforts and dollars) in email marketing? This indeed is a valid question raised by digital marketers but let’s have a look at a chart which shows us some different results.


Trending upwards graph KEY TRENDS & HOT TOPICS

What is killing your ABM strategy?
At its core, ABM adherents treat a fewer number of current and prospective clients as markets unto themselves with the goal of nurturing long-term, high-value relationships that ideally benefit both parties. Sound good? It should. Highly profitable enterprises have been executing high-touch marketing programs for generations. The only reason more companies don’t take this approach is that it’s difficult, potentially costly, and easy to get wrong.

How to create a business case for SEO investment
SEO has always been a difficult channel to understand in terms of ROI; performance is driven through multiple tactics and trying to attribute sales to strategy is almost impossible. Fortunately, there are workarounds to the latter but we are still in a position where we don’t understand what is driving organic performance. So, what do we have to try and solve the problem of forecasting and ROI?

8 Digital Marketing Trends for 2017 You Need to Know
Advancements in marketing technology are paving the way for better, more engaging digital experiences in 2017 — and marketers that can capitalize on these trends will reap the ROI benefits. Here, in no particular order, are the top eight 2017 digital marketing trends from our team at TPM.



8 tips for jump-starting your social ads in 2017
Get a leg up on your social advertising for the new year! Columnist Brad O’Brien shares tips and tricks for building your social strategy that will carry you through 2017 and beyond.

5 Simple Ways to Harness More Attention from Sharing Content on LinkedIn
Many B2B marketers use LinkedIn as part of their content marketing strategy. In fact, 94 percent use it to distribute and share content. But what happens when you’re sharing content on LinkedIn and not getting the results you expect? It’s possible to get excellent results using this powerful tool by taking actions many other marketers are missing. Here are five simple actions for capturing more attention from your target audience today.

A comprehensive guide to SSL certificates
Need to secure your site, but not sure where to start? Check out columnist Stephanie LeVonne’s helpful guide to SSL certificates and get informed.

Need Content for Your Emails? Repurposing to the Rescue
Uh-oh: You’ve got nothing for this week’s email update. The one that’s supposed to go out tomorrow. Due to some disaster du jour, there’s a great big hole in that email template. How do you pull this thing off? It can be done, and you can do it. In fact, this is less of a problem than it appears to be, especially if you consider repurposing old content. So, take a deep breath and warm up your coffee. Here are your options.