You can say that every business is a ‘service business’, and I’d agree with that.

However, there are many businesses that primarily provide services (versus a product like hard goods or software). From sales to ongoing delivery, these businesses are selling the invisible – that is the service they provide. Without a product, service providers are judged by their customers based solely on the day-to-day experience of working together. If you’re a service provider take note: Every email, every phone call, every document, every in-person interaction – all of it makes up how your business is being judged by your client.

Sure, service providers are also being judged on the output of their efforts. Delivering your work on-time and on-budget is crucial to a long term partnership. However, a less than stellar working relationship can easily undermine that. If your client feels (through daily interactions) that you’re not easy to work with, slow to respond, maybe not always acting in their best interest, staying on top of things, and generally just not acting like a partner – the outputs matter much less.

At Goose Digital, we are a service provider. We are a specialized digital agency that focuses on delivering marketing automation and digital marketing services. We have no products of our own, and our job is to help our clients transform the way they market, sell, and service their customers.

After 15 years of having a mix of services and product businesses – I have a pretty good idea of what customers are looking for from their service providers. We are building a ‘culture of great service’ here at Goose and we are always thinking about how our customers perceive our service.

In a nutshell we’ve found our customers want:

  1. Proactive innovation. Bringing fresh ideas to the table of what’s possible to help them unlock opportunity.
  2. Expert communicators. People that take the time to explain (in business terms) what they’re recommending.
  3. Highly responsive. Great service providers respond fast because they know their clients are busy people.
  4. Problem solvers. Creative ways to move a priority forward such that it works within their constraints (budget, timeline, human resources).
  5. The “extra mile”. Going above and beyond every day, making them feel like they can always rely on you.
  6. Reliable and organized. Keeping everyone on task with clean, organized communications and lifting this ‘administrative burden’ from their shoulders.

We like to say that great service providers strive to be the ultimate team members. The kind of people customers would love to have on their internal staff.

At Goose Digital we want to be a great service provider. And while our solutions always include best-of-breed Marketing Automation Technology, we recognize it is our people and process that will underpin our long term success.

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