Data is at the foundation of email deliverability because it helps you maintain a strong email reputation. By managing and updating your email addresses frequently throughout the year, you can ensure low bounce rates and consistent deliverability. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss how clean data impacts email deliverability and how you can verify and validate your email marketing lists.

Your contacts’ email addresses are not permanent, and people often change their personal addresses or work emails on a whim without notifying you. And since up to 30% of all email addresses are either deactivated or replaced every year, cleaning and maintaining your lists is an increasingly important task.

Long-term inactive email addresses are often maintained by email providers as sensor addresses or recycled spam traps. These emails used to represent relevant contacts, but now they signal providers that you don’t know who is active in your lists. In extreme cases, this practice can even get you blacklisted with some services or providers.

If you aren’t certain of the validity of your contacts’ email addresses, you can verify and validate that the email addresses you have are both real and active. Manually cleaning your email contact lists can be an incredibly tedious process, but using verification services can substantially (and efficiently) reduce the number of invalid email addresses in your database. If you aren’t using email marketing automation best practices (including double opt-ins) to confirm subscriptions before mailing, verifying email addresses with a list verification service will help reduce the number of invalid sign-ups you receive.

For more details on how to keep your email data clean, read the original blog on our partner Act-On Software’s website, here.

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