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There is no question that IBAO 2022 will be bigger and better with Brokers, Insurers and Industry Partners all back together in person. The team at Goose Digital team is excited to be part of it all!

While no doubt conversations will begin with what has happened over the last few years, Insurance Providers are firmly focused on what is happening today and looking to tomorrow. Many focus areas which were just surfacing 3 years ago have quickly bubbled to the top. We are looking forward to discussing these at the show:

  • Data and Technology: For any Insurance provider looking to grow, these elements have quickly turned from nice to have to must have. Whether looking to onboard a new broker, attract a new lead or upsell an existing coverage, the ability to use data to deliver value requires modern technology platforms. Success is tied to understanding how to best leverage these platforms to deliver a variety of strategies and measure ROI.
  • Attracting and Engaging Young Talent: The Insurance industry has struggled with an image that has made competing with other sectors difficult. Young talent want to be part of exciting and growing companies, where modern practices for selling and servicing are core functionalities.
  • Digital Tool Adoption: Companies who had already adopted digital tools were able to mobilize much quicker back in March 2020. Customers quickly saw who was able to leverage digital tools to connect and engage with them. The value that these tools provide for both customers and providers has continued to grow and once again, providers who understand their value will continue to lead in growth and retention. 

“ What still remains to be refined are strong, personalized communication strategies accompanying the launch of digital tools. Providers need to think beyond “launch emails” and build an education – communication, plus feedback journey, across several digital mediums.” – Jennifer Pugsley, VP Customer Success, Insurance SME at Goose Digital.

  • Expertise and Trust Have Never Been More Important: It was true before and it’s even more ingrained today – Insurance providers are seen as key resources for guidance and critical risk management decisions. The challenge today is how to continue to deliver education and foster relationships in a world where face to face meetings are largely replaced by screens but the demand for personalized service has never been greater. Providers need to drive marketing that is consistently ensuring they are delivering value and balancing ‘business as usual’ marketing communications with innovation. And trying to meet the increased volume and sophistication with small, already busy teams.

If any of these challenges resonate, we would love to meet with you and discuss how we can help.

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