On the latest episode of our podcast – Wing It – we discussed how to make websites work in tandem with your marketing campaigns.  Based on our own recent experience of re-inventing our website to optimize lead generation and improve our customer experience, we shared our perspectives on what makes a website really stand out to both current and potential customers and why it’s important to regularly rethink a website’s objectives.

Accelerating marketing’s impact during the relaunch

Our website has been quite successful for some time and has worked on our behalf to some degree. As a vehicle for driving leads, it helped us hit our targets, and it has always been something we proudly stood behind. But after years of the same approach to marketing ourselves, we knew something was missing. Specifically, our website lacked a call-out to the solutions-based, holistic approach we have now taken with our marketing services.

So how did we achieve our goal of accelerating our marketing impact when we reconfigured our website?

We cut out the redundant content on our site’s subpages and consolidated existing copy to highlight our core expertise and eliminate any confusion about our services and platforms.  Doing this helped us better streamline our offerings in order to better communicate our value to our clients.

Retelling the story (content) of your brand’s value props

Ask yourself this question: does your website clearly showcase your current value propositions, or are you working with outdated content that no longer aligns with them?

A successful website, especially one that leverages marketing automation, tells the story of your brand and the value of your products – and communicates those messages well. To do that you need to appreciate that online readers have different expectations, separate from your marketing goals. Readers want a company’s website content to be concise and clear, not merely a fancy magnet meant to attract leads. Lead-based approaches to marketing risk losing visitors to other websites that better communicate value, instead of encouraging potential customers to reach out to your sales team to learn more.

In short, modern readers crave tangible information they can use right away, and our new design is meant to highlight just that.

New features and design elements that make the story whole

While design is critical to attracting attention, content plays an important role in maintaining reader (and viewer) interest. Our newly redesigned site is darker and more modern looking which helps to grab attention, but the most critical part of our redesign focuses on aligning our content in ways that provide value to our customers. Already we have begun to leverage new spaces on our site to showcase our blogs and videos, but as we move further into the next quarter, our focus will be retooling our customer experience stories and highlighting the most valuable case studies relevant to our potential customers.

The benefit of creating content spreads this way is that we can genuinely target the marketing community with exciting, creative content and evolve with our ever-changing audience. Indeed, this very podcast is the result of that new perspective on how to drive leads and leverage marketing automation tools like ours.

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