The CAA Broker Marketing Academy (BMA) provides an unparalleled experience that can be likened to attending an exceptional summer camp for adults, but with an added touch of elegance. The inspiration, knowledge gained, and relationships formed during this event are truly enduring, making it difficult to bid farewell when the week comes to an end.

CAA BMA Ignite 2023

We encountered numerous moments of sheer amazement. From the immersive murder mystery actors who flawlessly maintained their characters to the Tactics Market designed like an authentic farmers market, every aspect was thoughtfully crafted. Moreover, the broker groups delivered outstanding and strategic marketing presentations. These presentations, formulated in less than half a day after a week of intense learning, not only showcased the marketers’ incredible potential to rise to the top but also served as a reminder to our digital marketing agency. We realized the importance of involving diverse minds in the process of building strategies and executing winning campaigns.

The event was filled with thrilling levels of creativity and talent, coupled with an overall atmosphere of collaboration and support. This unique combination is what sets the CAA BMA apart from any other marketing event. Special thanks to Catherine Bojda, Sarah Manley, Margaret Mieczkowski, Pierre Bourdeau, Mike Leon, Tanja Coughlan, and everyone else who participated in and contributed to this extraordinary event. #BMAIGNITE2023