The more successful your company is, the more there is to juggle. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to be in 10 places at once? If your business includes an eCommerce site, you can use a Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) as a virtual marketing assistant. MAPs can drive a company’s efficiency by streamlining everyday marketing tasks and workflows. Want to send a promotional campaign to tens of thousands of customers in the time it takes to compose a single email? Think MAP. Worried you’re losing potential conversions at checkout? No worries, MAPs can win them back.

Benefits of a Marketing Automation Platform for eCommerce:

  • Reduces manual tasks saving you a boatload of time
  • Increases engagement without increasing workload
  • Tweak, change or pivot campaigns, messages or promotions on a dime
  • Fewer mistakes
  • Allows you to work in more places at the same time, increasing efficiency

How Marketing Automation supercharges your effectiveness with customers

How can you drive continuous business to your eCommerce site? Here are 4 insider tips used by successful eCommerce marketers that really work… while making your life much, much easier in the process.

1. Use list segmentation for newsletters, deals, and promotions

Segment your email lists using what you know about your customers or subscribers – past purchases, behaviours, open and click rates, etc. It also allows you to target your follow up to those who engaged (or those who didn’t) to send further targeted emails and messaging based on their behaviour. By sharpening your focus and sending messages to appropriate segments within your lists, your customers will find your campaigns more relevant; and relevant campaigns get better results.

2. Convert abandoned email carts

You’ve worked so hard to get that purchase, yet there it sits, abandoned, in a shopping cart. Did you know that a MAP can make it easy to regain that lost sale? Sending specific emails to cart abandoners is a simple and effective way to drive those extra conversions using MAPs.

Add promo codes or discounts to further incentivize the customer to finish the purchase
Because timing is everything, your MAP can even be set up to catch that almost-purchaser at next-day, 3-day or next week intervals. Then you can simply set them to turn off when the purchase is completed.

3. Referral programs

In eCommerce, nothing is more powerful than a referral. People pay more attention to referrals from people they trust. Using a MAP to coordinate your referral program can save you time and help you do it right. Say you have a new customer who has already received your welcome email campaign and they’ve made another purchase. Now is your chance to capitalize on their brand ambassadorship. Encourage and incentivize them to refer you to a friend via a link back to an internal blog. The friend gets a Welcome email containing a special offer and a follow-up email 2 weeks later if they haven’t used the offer. The original customer gets reminder emails and confirmation emails about the status of their referral. If you execute this well, both recipients will be much more likely to give you a high open rate for your emails in the future. Not only that, but you’ve hopefully created yet another brand advocate who may continue this cycle!

4. Show reviewers some love

Use your MAP to encourage customers to leave a review about your product or service, but make it worth their while. Include an incentive so they feel like they’re in a mutually respectful relationship with your company or brand. Adding a promo code, a freebie, or a discount off their next purchase is a simple yet effective reward for doing you a solid.

Your MAP can help you transform your marketing operations with modern technology and innovative tactics aimed at raising the bar for your eCommerce marketing. Use MAPs to build a digital marketing machine that will deliver your highest ROI activity and power your company’s success for years to come.